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Workshops | Resources

2015 ATX Youth Summit Vocal Workshop & More



2014 ATX Youth Summit Vocal Workshop & More


2013 "You Can Sing!" Vocal Performance Camp



Women in Jazz Concert Series provided a fun-filled spring break day in March 2013 as it presented "You Can Sing!" A Vocal Performance Camp.  


2012 Ladies of Jazz Master's Workshop



Background web video music courtesy by Karen Briggs


Youth Summit - Vocal Workshop 2011


Background web video music courtesy by Althea Rene


The purpose of Women in Jazz Association is to perpetuate the appreciation and performance of traditional jazz vocal and instrumental music. As vocal jazz is a declining art form, this purpose is charitable -- the protection and preservation of a valuable art form called jazz; that is, vocal jazz. It is through concerts, educational workshops, and performance opportunities of singers that provide the means to the end -- perpetuate vocal jazz music. The Association also understands the importance of investing in our future through Cultural and Performing Arts, as well as, digital media. The Women in Jazz Association, Inc. has solicited the support of the City of Austin, the National Forum for Black Public Administrators, and other community organizations to help them make a difference in our local and surrounding communities.

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Performers' Resources


Women in Jazz Association is providing free downloadable charts. These charts are provided by one or more of the participating vocalist as an aid to aspiring singers.  More charts will be added soon. Go to charts.


We have tips for singers and performers that will help you deliver a polished and professional performance. Go to tips.

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