Eric Essix

Eric Essix, an Alabama based contemporary jazz guitarist, is known not only for his keen ability to fashion a continuous flow of infectious melodies and funky grooves, but also for reinventing the ideas of jazz by artfully delving into several sub-genres (pop, R&B and Gospel). In 2018 he released “More”, his 25th full length recording since launching his recording career in 1988.  “The most fulfilling part of this musical journey has been experiencing, in real time, my evolution as an artist,” Eric says. “My mindset has shifted dramatically and is light years away from when I was a young guitarist first making records, focusing on being flashy and showing people how fast I could play. In those days, it was all about speed and lots of notes, being a gunslinger – but as I have grown as a musician and especially as a person, I like to think I have developed as a composer and songwriter of maturity and depth as well as a guitar player.”  In 2013, Eric was concurrently appointed Artist in Residence at UAB and continues to serve the University in this capacity, performing, teaching and conducting workshops for college students as well as children.  To learn more, visit