The Beat Divas


the-beat-divasThe Beat Divas

Band / Orchestra

The Beat Divas feature two well known jazz figures from the Austin scene, Mady Kaye and Beth Ullman. Joining them is Canadian import Dianne Donovan. Read more about the individual women by following the links for each name. Here are some reviews of performances by The Beat Divas.

“The Boswell Sisters meet Crosby, Stills and Nash – and haven’t forgotten Stephen Foster. I love it.”

–John Aielli, Host of Ekleticos, KUT-FM Public Radio

“Three magical voices come together, weaving an evening of musical energy loaded with humor and surprises that no audience can forget.”

–Cheryl Niemann, Waterloo Ice House

“Sexy, sassy and swingin’.”

–Dick Gimble, Bassist for Johnny Gimble and Texas Swing

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