ATX Youth Summit

The ATX Youth Summit is free to the public with the purpose to provide an artistic learning experience for Austin youth between the ages of 8 and 17 by having them participate in the following activities such as:

  • Part rapper/part singer songwriter, SaulPaul, is an entertaining artist who blends his voice, his guitar and his loop pedal to create a live show that is nothing less than an EXPERIENCE.
  • Let’s Make a Film: Lights…  Camera…  Action!!!  Learn how to make a short film.  Get ready for this fast paced session! There will be a short script.  Attendees will be assigned roles such as actors, camera operator, set designer, script supervisor, lighting technician, boom operator and more…  We will rehearse, film, edit and view a short film.  Attendees are asked to provide an email address to which the link for the short film will be sent to share with others.
  • Make A Brighter Future: “If you can see it, you can be it.”  Picturing your dreams goals is one of the most powerful mind exercises you can do.  Students will learn the value of writing down their visions with words and pictures and how to visit them daily and act upon them to see them come true!
  • A Day with the Bydeem: Austin Youth will share an artistic experience painting a colorful mural with The “Bydeeman”.  Brian Joseph called “Bydeeman” because he paints and shares the philosophy of the fictitious Bydee People that he created with his first painting on September 9, 1986.  Joseph and his Bydee community strive to promote peace, love and happiness.  
  • Ashe Arts Austin: Learn a dance routine from Choreographer Sadѐ M. Jones and learn African dance, jazz, ballet, hip hop and modern dance!
  • Women in Jazz, Inc. Singer’s Performance Workshop: This dynamic and interactive session will focus on effective communication and performance techniques in music. Sing with a live band and learn how to direct them to play the song the way you want to sing it. Sing jazz, Gospel and soul or perform spoken word. Learn how to move on the stage and capture your audience as you sing in your own style! Pamela Hart and students will showcase vocal jazz with pianist Ryan Howard. This session is open to summit participants, parents and guests.

This year, the ATX Summit is schedule for Monday February 19, 2018 beginning at 8:00 am.  For more information, CLICK HERE.


Women in Jazz Youth Concerts

Pamela Hart and students showcase vocal jazz with a professional live jazz band. This session is open to summit participants, parents and guests.


Vocal Performance Workshop

An all day camp, one day only! Women in Jazz Concert Series gives you a fun-filled spring break day as it presents “You Can Sing!”, A Vocal Performance Camp at the George Washington Carver Museum and Cultural Center, 1165 Angelina Street, Austin. Camp registration includes lunch and supplies.  Appropriate for ages 7  to 18.

For both male and female from ages 7 to 18, enjoy a summer day break singing and performing at the Women in Jazz “You Can Sing!” Vocal Performance Camp. Girls and Boys will learn how to use your voice and sing in different styles, rhythms and textures. You will also learn how to perform your song and communicate with musicians to sing it your way. Participants will sing with a professional band in the morning. Everyone will have an opportunity to perform on the Boyd Vance Theatre stage!

In the afternoon, campers will sing and perform with our professional Karaoke host. Vocalist Pamela Hart will provide hands-on coaching throughout the camp. Lunch and snacks are included.


For more information, visit or call 512-258-6947.

Donate your tax-deductible contribution to Women in Jazz Association, Inc. to help fund Youth Programs, Concert Series and Workshops.