Judith Miller

Judith Miller is a native Texas singer/songwriter composing jazz-based music in Austin Texas. She’s played in Central Texas since 1986 from Kerrville to Sequin from Dallas to San Antonio. Judith┬ádid a Route 66 tour a couple of years back playing along the way from Austin to St Louis. She learned Texas is the best. The music posted here is original work, and have written many other tunes, but these are some of my favorites. She writes the lyrics, the melodies and collaborates with other musicians on arrangements. Vocally, Judith has an eclectic style blending jazz, blues, spirituals, country, pop improvisationally. She also sings jazz standards, some blues, some light R&B, and soft Rock. My music has strong 30’s – 60’s influences. She loves the sounds of Claire Martin and Patricia Barber and is an avid disciple of Ella Fitzgerald and Bonnie Raitt.